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Bank of Baroda Retired Officers' Association
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Bank of Baroda Retired Officers' Association

In pre-pension era, in Banking Industry, a retiree on his receiving retiral dues such as Provident Fund – self and Bank’s contribution – gratuity, leave encashment, additional retirement benefit was forgotten by the Bank as also trade union to which he was attached for over three decades, during service period. His bonds with organization, colleagues were snapped overnight and he felt totally cut off and grappled to adjust to the void created by sudden cessation of linkages with the institutions, colleagues and friends. It was a sort of “corporate death” for a retiree.

In such an environment closely observing the efforts of such retiree to come to terms with changed situations at home and society, Shri V. T. Makwana mooted and placed before few like minded friends the idea/proposal of forming an organization to provide a platform to continue the snapped linkages and foster the spirit of fraternity and fellowship among the retirees.


Sarvashri A. A. Raval, K. R. Patel, B. N. Patel, C. J. Pancholi whole heartedly accepted the proposal and after establishing contacts with retiree colleagues in Gujarat, a meeting was convened at Ahmedabad on 17-3-1990 to give final shape to the idea.

Recent Circulars

Pension Option

4th Tri. General Body

Benefits to Retired Officers

 Identity Card
 Medical Assistance    Scheme
Concessional rates on    deposits & more..

Pending Legal Issues

 100% neutralization of    D.A.
Payment of arrears of    pension revision to post
   01-04-1998 Pensions

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